‘Sanctuary’ cities are getting their grants despite threats

Sanctuary StateAbout 18 months after the Trump administration threatened to withhold law enforcement grants from nearly 30 places around the country it felt weren’t doing enough to work with federal immigration agents, all but one have received or been cleared to get the money, the Justice Department said.

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In most cases, courts chipped away at the crackdown that escalated in November 2017 with letters from the Justice Department of former Attorney General Jeff Sessions to 29 cities, metro areas, counties or states it considered as having adopted “sanctuary policies” saying those policies may violate federal law.

Of those 29 jurisdictions — which include cities as large as Los Angeles and as small as Burlington, Vermont — only Oregon has yet to be cleared to receive the grants from 2017, a Justice Department spokesman told The Associated Press this week.

Vermont officials announced Monday that they had been told the state Department of Public Safety would be getting $2.3 million in law enforcement grants that had been blocked. Vermont had not joined any of the legal cases, instead corresponding directly with the Justice Department. …

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  1. Are these judges out of their minds. If a city or state officially refuses to follow federal law why should the feds give them any money?


  3. I for one have NEVER heard President Trump come out AGAINST LAW ENFORCEMENT . If you pay attention you will realize that this is another hit piece against the President and has nothing to do with ” going back on his word ” and betraying the people.
    Subtle little snake in the grass piece by a New Word Order stooge .

  4. Bogiewheel says

    ‘Sanctuary’ cities should be renamed Quasimoto havens. The origins of
    this brainless theory of detaching themselves from the laws of the Federal government is a bell ringing vacuous bullheadedness.

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