Say it ain’t so: Is Texas turning into California?

Laffer1When economist James Gaines gave a talk recently about the economy and the real estate market, his biggest audience response came from an unexpected topic.

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Gaines, chief economist at the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University, told hundreds of local real estate agents what to expect in the years ahead regarding the state’s population growth and demographic changes.

“Do you know what Texas looks like in 30 years?” Gaines asked the audience.

“California,” he offered as the whole ballroom of folks groaned and rolled their eyes.

Nothing gets a bunch of Texans more riled up than to tell them they are turning into California.

“I have used that line a number of times and get the same reaction,” Gaines said. “People are always asking where are we going and what will we look like.

“I’m serious about it,” he said. “The problems, the issues, politically, socially, economically, land use, housing resources — go down and tick off the issues. We are going down the same path.”

Gaines said the rapid growth of jobs, population and wealth that California has seen over the past few decades is similar to what Texas is now experiencing. That means the state faces the same opportunities and increasing challenges. …

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  1. The Captive says

    Remember that there are droves of CA. people who moved to Texas. That’s because they want to infect Texas with CA -corruptness. Hope it does not work. At this point CA is at the bottom of the heap with corrupt politicians , drug and pot problems and on and on it just gets worse,

  2. Colorado appears to be on the brink of going over the falls and being Californicated….

  3. This video is 45 minutes long, but it’s worthwhile to watch in its entirety, as it describes “The Blueprint” to flip Colorado, then Texas and Virginia by four wealthy Coloradans, one of which is now running for Governor of Colorado!!!
    WORTH your time to watch…
    I wish I had known the severity of the situation…I would have stayed put and fought for California, as it appears we jumped from the fire, into the frying pan…

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