Scooter Companies Have Two Weeks to Get Off the Streets of San Francisco

The City of San Francisco has left scooter ridesharing companies no choice but to get off the streets and apply for a permit.

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A joint ruling was issued today by the City Attorney of San Francisco, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, and San Francisco Public Works (SFMTA), according to the San Francisco Examiner. It orders the startups—the most well-known being Bird, Spin, and Lime—to remove their scooters and cease operations by June 4. Bird alone has more than 1,600 scooters in San Francisco, according to recent estimates by the company.

Furthermore, the companies will need to apply for a permit to continue doing business in the city. The “Powered Scooter Share Permit Program” covers a 12-month pilot program, for which the companies can submit their applications no later than June 7.

“The SFMTA will review the applications and expects to determine which, if any, companies qualify for a permit by the end of June,” wrote the agency today, according to the San Francisco Examiner. …

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