Seems Like Nothing Changes In Documenting Water Availability

Re “Here is the first step to a sustainable water policy”;

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Good commentary and on the mark. But it’s discouraging to say that documenting the actual amount of water available is the first step to a sustainable water policy. This is the same step people have been saying for the 10 or more years that I’ve been tracking these issues.

Based on our legal counsel’s briefs, we blogged on our Save the California Delta Alliance website about “Paper Water” in 2013, reporting that the state had oversold water by five times the amount it actually had. The UC Davis study the writer refers to was in 2014.

Yes. The answers are appropriate water rights, addressing groundwater overdrafting, addressing Delta environmental issues via Delta flows, conservation, wastewater recycling and the retirement of impaired agricultural lands.

It includes doing what the Legislature dictated in the 2009 Delta Reform Act, namely moving toward regional self-reliance more than 10 years ago. Yet nothing changes.

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  1. Steve Higgins says

    California and Water has been an issue since the 1850’s. Government say a great dead and do Nothing, none of them do anything but study and re study. I would start by reducing fresh water delivered to all the area south of Bakersfield in HALF. The science is there to create fresh water out of salt water and or waste water. That might be a better use for solar. There are nations that due this daily, and understand the need.
    It is costly, If you have no water you become willing to pay and do what is requires.
    During the period of time to do this, build storage not just one but five. Build for the future.
    Give farmer back water it means food simple.

  2. So someone finally said it. Remove California as the bread basket it was by cutting off water under vague pretenses and replace productive farming/ranching with more sheeple to manage. The productive food basket is moving South from South America to our open Southern Boarder.

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