Sex Photos on State Cellphones Surface in Cal Fire Discipline Cases

As reported by the Sacramento Bee:

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One Cal Fire captain supposedly received an Internet link from a colleague for a private sex club on his state cellphone. An assistant chief allegedly thought nothing of a supervisor slapping the rear end of a female cadet. Investigators said another captain put hundreds of sexually explicit pictures of his wife on his state cellphone.

And, according to Cal Fire employee discipline records released Friday, there was drinking on the job. Sometimes a lot of it.

Those allegations and others have surfaced in employee disciplinary documents released Friday that portray some of the department’s employees as indulgent frat boys on state time.

The department fired one accused manager …

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  1. Michael McDermott says

    IN the peoples republik of Santa Barbara County & its Turkey Baster Creationist Courts – the Radical Gender Feminist Gaystapo uses their police powers to punish any Male Firefighter who stands up to their MISANDRY – Hatred of Men & Boys, Masculinity & Normal Heterosexuality.

    I know from personal experience (having been targeted and retaliated in a secret political vendetta by the Twysted Sisterhood – in County Govt. & UC-BS Thought Police) that Abstinence is Also Forbidden & Punishable.

    Any Male who wants to distance himself from both the ‘frat boy’ games & mandatory pandering to Women who want to date Firemen – Is a Target for the Thought Police.

    Men who Abstain from even Dating or other Social interactions are very difficult to charge with harassment – and also Difficult to Date, leaving some Heterosexual Women angry at the reasons, including their Radical Gender Feminist Systers antagonizing Men in to avoiding them.

    Rather then take the Blame for Misandry – the Gaystapo instead punishes the Male who refuses to put his head on the chopping block – which helps keep them subject to manipulation / blackmail by Any Woman they interact with…

    – because according to the Affirmative Actress Officers Men are Always Guilty – and if you keep the same fact pattern and only change the genders of the parties, they are Still Guilty.

    At least the law is consistent – Heads She Wins, Tails He Loses – and feminist ‘justice’ triumphs.

    Doubt Me = I have the Case Files (completely censored by the Courts, who we’re corrupted by conflict of interest, and don’t want anyone to read about it on line) and the sworn testimony of numerous Mau Mau Artistes – including the Psychodyke Enforcers from UC-BS.

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