Showdown in Anaheim Tonight

From Liberal OC:

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We’re hoping that today’s special City Council meeting in Anaheim to decide whether to place two initiative proposals to amend the city charter on the November ballot doesn’t erupt into violent protests similar to those which disrupted a council meeting earlier this month. Mayor Tom Tait has set the meeting to be held at 4 p.m. in the Anaheim High School Cook Auditorium. The auditorium will hold 1,300 people which should help ensure there’s room for people wanting to attend. A near-riot broke out two weeks ago when people, wanting to attend the meeting were turned away because the council chambers were full, took to the streets to protest.

The Council will consider whether to place the citizen driven initiative to bar the council from giving away future bed tax revenue to developers without a vote of the public. Proponents fell short of the needed signatures to place the proposal on the ballot. A Council majority, of Members Gail Eastman, Harry Sidhu, and Kris Murray, has consistently opposed such restrictions and voted in favor of a $158 million giveaway earlier this year to spur the development of luxury hotels in the Disneyland area Garden Walk district.

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  1. Michael Mock says

    If the developers want the huge reward of huge profits in that location they should pay for that right. Why should the people help them and then be excluded from any return on their investment? It’s time American citizens profit from their tax money and not just give it to a small group of bought and paid for elected officials who pretend to care about the people and the huge taxes we pay. This isn’t free money people, it’s sweat and labor!

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