Stop undermining democracy, governor! Let us vote on the Taxpayer Protection Act.

Governor Gavin Newsom’s attorneys argued before the California Supreme Court this week against the right of Californians to vote on a proposed statewide initiative that has already qualified for the ballot in November. The move is shockingly at odds with the governor’s bogus warnings on his Campaign for Democracy fundraising website that “extremist Republicans” are “undermining the most basic tenet of our democracy, the right to vote.”

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So why have the governor, state legislature, League of California Cities and others asked the state Supreme Court to take the extraordinary step of removing the Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act (TPA) from the ballot?

To say that the governor’s legal maneuver is anti-democratic is an understatement. The state constitution specifically guarantees Californians the right to put referenda and initiatives on the ballot. That right was established 113 years ago to keep voters in charge and the legislature in check. Ironically, the governor is using Californians’ tax dollars to pay powerful law firms to disenfranchise voters in this case.

The governor and state bureaucrats who oppose the TPA believe it will eliminate their ability to increase taxes when they can’t rein in state spending. They are also concerned that the executive branch can’t increase bureaucratic fees and costs on taxpayers and localities where there is little accountability.

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Yes, the TPA would prevent the government from increasing taxes or enacting hidden fees without voter approval, but under the proposal, the legislature would retain their taxing authority. Requiring state law conform to the constitution’s requirements for raising local taxes is hardly draconian. Current law requires a two-thirds vote of each legislative chamber or passage by a majority of voters. TPA would provide some legal consistency by requiring both.

Prohibiting unelected bureaucrats with no public accountability from imposing “hidden taxes” designed to raise billions of dollars in revenue off the backs of working families and businesses seems reasonable. Under the measure, any revenue increase must be passed by either the voters or an elected body, giving taxpayers more control over potential cost increases.

Californians are facing a cost-of-living crisis that is driven in part by high taxes. We pay the nation’s highest state income, sales and gasoline taxes. Indeed, according to the Census Bureau, we pay more in combined state and local taxes than any other state in the nation.

We also pay billions more in hidden government fees passed through to consumers in the prices we pay for products, services, food, fuel, transportation, utilities and housing. Still, special interests and government leaders continue to demand more from taxpayers and businesses.

California’s prohibitively high cost of living not only contributes to the state’s skyrocketing poverty, rampant homelessness, and rising crime, but it also pushes working families and job-providing businesses out of the state.

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  1. Really??? says

    If you are stupid enough to vote for a Democrat you will back the push to stop this from the election.

    If you have an ounce of decency and are for open elections (you know like getting rid of the top two) then you will flood Slick and every Dem office holder with objections and threats of not being re-elected.

    So where are you? Are you a bigot and for dictatorial government?

    If so go ahead and vote for Democrats….after all it is only logical that you want a nanny state.

    Do us all a favor move to a nation that has a dictatorship, like Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, China, North Korea….. (getting it yet?)

  2. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    There is a reason I constantly say and write that I live in “Communist” California. Outside of Democrat-controlled cities, it’s still a beautiful state. However, California is run by Marxist Democrats starting with Governor Gavin “Hair Gel” Newsom.

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