Suspended Democratic California lawmaker sues Senate, alleges racism

A California lawmaker suspended amid a sexual misconduct allegation sued the Legislature for reinstatement, arguing he’s being treated differently than his white colleague.

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After pressure from colleagues, Democratic Sen. Tony Mendoza of Artesia went on voluntary leave after he was accused of acting inappropriately toward three young women who worked for him and firing another staffer who reported one of the instances. He was suspended last month because an investigation into misconduct hadn’t concluded before he was expected to return from leave.

The lawsuit notes that Mendoza, who is Latino, has been suspended but Democratic Sen. Bob Hertzberg, who is white, has not been asked to step aside despite also facing sexual misconduct allegations.

A former Assembly speaker, Hertzberg is under investigation for allegations he made at least three female colleagues uncomfortable with hugs. Documents released by the Legislature on Feb. 2 also show he was formally investigated in 2015 when a staff member complained he began dancing with her in his office, making her uncomfortable. …

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  1. I think I got the solution for this. Does Mendoza dance?

  2. another illegal that got fired at vato bell because he is corrupt

  3. The loony dems seem to know but one word, “Racism” if they don’t get their way it’s do to racism. These idiots along with the attorneys that take the cases are as annoying as a fly on a gnats a$$. Problem has become they think they are special and their race should circumvent their wrong doings and CAS is pretty well politically finished seeing as the majority of the politicians are now immigrants or illegals. Makes me really glad I’m on the backside of the bell curve.

  4. Hey, Tony, are you being treated any differently than Christina Garcia?
    When will she complain also about Hertzberg?
    It’s the Joooooosssssssssss!

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