Tax break for undocumented immigrants pushed by California Democrats

The California state budget could extend a tax break to low-income families of undocumented immigrants.

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Assembly Democrats want Gov. Jerry Brown to expand the state’s Earned Income Tax Credit in such a way that people who do not have Social Security numbers can apply for it.

The proposal is meant to help poor Californians recover some of their state income tax. Last year, a household with two children and an adjusted gross income of up to $22,309 would have been eligible for a tax credit. The maximum credit for a family of that size is $2,467, according to the Franchise Tax Board.

The Assembly plan would expand eligibility to people with Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers. They’re tax-processing numbers the IRS uses to collect tax from people who do not have Social Security numbers. …

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  1. Bohiewheel says

    Lets not kid ourselves…….This is nothing more than a transfer of wealth to
    gain political leverage.

  2. CaliExpat says

    The Democratic plantation owners need to keep their economic power over their peasant servants…

    You? You just shut up and pay…

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