Teachers union has given more than $13 million to extend income taxes on wealthy Californians

As reported by the Los Angeles Times:

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California’s largest teachers union has given more than $13 million to the effort to extend income tax hikes on California’s highest earners, according to newly released state campaign finance reports.

The report shows the California Teachers Assn. gave $3 million between April and June this year, in addition to the $10 million the union donated last month.

Before the $10-million contribution, supporters of the Proposition 55 campaign reported having $14 million in the bank. Also supporting the measure are the California Hospital Assn., Service Employees International Union and the California Medical Assn. …

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  1. Ah, they deserve each other. The liberal teachers union and the limousine liberals from Hollywood and Silicon Valley asking “whose ox is being gored now”? Heh-heh!

  2. Oppose website: http://www.opposeprop55.com

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