Teen killed in Shootout Near Hollywood Walk of Fame

A teenager is dead following a shootout along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame overnight.

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The victim was shot just after 1 a.m. on Hollywood Boulevard. 

Preliminary information reveals it appears that a group of men – at least one armed with a gun – tried robbing another group of men, leading to a shootout with multiple people shooting at each other. 

Witnesses said they heard about 10 gunshots. 

The victim was taken to the hospital where he later died, officials said. He was shot multiple times. 

At least four suspects were seen running from the scene, including at least one that had been with the victim. 

It’s unclear if this was an attempted robbery, or if the men got into some type of argument that led to the shootout. 

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  1. Only the most sensational get published.

    Santa Barbara has had in less than a month, two shootings, one knife attack, and a number car thefts.

    Do you see it in the press? No.

    Expand that to most of the Calif. coastline communities and you see a State that is out of control. The criminals are starting to take control of the night and even day time crime is on the rise.

    You voted for politicians and DA’s who are soft on crime. You voted for catch and release. You voted for early release.

    Because of who you voted for we now live in a very dangerous society.


  2. I did not.
    And I am not.

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