The January 6th Omission

The January 6th Omission

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As I write this, exactly one week after the commemoration of the January 6th “Insurrection,” I’d like to offer another perspective, as unbiased as one can, about the veracity of the narrative of this infamous day.  I believe this essay will show, undeniably, how our “news” has carefully woven an “event tapestry,” with threads of fiction and misconception, crisscrossing with threads of fact,  I’d like to unravel, so to speak, the mainstream narrative with the following five observations. 

Fake News by Omission 

It’s stunning to me how the media can change a narrative by not including something as much as  by including something.  Case in point: the “lessening of events.”  Both President Biden and VP Harris snugly opined that January 6th goes down in history with two other events: 911 and Pearl harbor.  Wow!  I almost could not believe my ears when I heard that, which I believe angered most of America as well.  My gut reaction was, “You’re comparing it to what??  You have to be kidding me Joe–.”  I don’t have to go into the enormity of the horrors of 9/11 or Pearl harbor to demonstrate that January 6th is simply not comparable in scope.  When we inflate certain events for political gain, there’s often unintended consequences of lessening the horrors of other truly terrible events.  Not to mention, I can think of other days which saw incredibly more chaos, death, and destruction than January 6th: the bloodiest day of our civil war at Antietam,  the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, the burning down of the entire area called Black Wall Street in Omaha, Nebraska in 1921, which saw upwards of 200 African Americans murdered, and so on.  Would I be wrong to say that the president and vice president may need a history lesson? 

A Mission…of Omission?

Amazingly, the media sometimes left out the fact that President Trump said to “…peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard” during his speech on January 6th.  In fact, something that hurt the creditability of the impeachment trial was that the “peacefully and patriotically” line was totally left out of the video shown to Congress.  Instead, the video shows Mr. Trump saying, “We’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you. We’re going to walk down…to the Capitol.”  Right after, it cuts to another scene showing someone in the crowd shouting, “Let’s take the Capitol!”  Good job, investigation members. 

Listen to Your “Elder”

I’d like to give the talk show host, Larry Elder, credit for mentioning for mentioning the following “deep thought.”  If the Dem Party thinks it’s vital to have an exhaustive “January 6th” investigation to find out who, what, and where was the cause of this insurrection, then WHY did they impeach Donald Trump for being responsible for it, as if it was already an open-and-shut, “LOCK HIM UP” case?  I think the value of the instrument of impeachment was also minimized in future importance by having this investigation after it, instead of before.

A Call to Arms

If you watch or read the mainstream news about January 6th, you will occasionally hear about an “armed insurrection.”  This is another kind of “fake news” by omission.  If you consider flagpoles and fire extinguishers as arms, then yes, the riot was an armed event.  But, of course, the inference refers to firearms, of which nobody had in the Capitol that day, except for law enforcement.  Leaving out what kind of “arms” in the story…really affects the story.  Also, what about “all the deaths” that day?  The only death, sadly, that day, was one of the rioters, tragically a patriotic female  Air Force veteran.   Conversely, the BLM riots (aka the Woke Riots) saw an estimate of 25 people murdered, including people of color.  

The Long Arm of the Law

I’d lastly like to draw the stark contrast between the general progressive attitude toward law enforcement nearly all year round, juxtaposed with their view of law enforcement on January 6th.  Typically, as of the past few years, law enforcement is scolded by progressives through defunding, abolishing, blaming, scapegoating, etc.  However, with the January 6th observation earlier this month, it was pleasantly amazing how “the Left” showed nothing but praise, thankfulness, solidarity, and good wishes to the Capitol police.  (Note: Let me be absolutely clear that I’m not saying all progressives are against law enforcement, but rather speaking in general terms.)   The mainstream media also repeatedly spoke with great empathy about how some  Capitol officers were maimed, kicked, punched, maced, and so on.  However, concerning the hundreds of police injured during the 2020 Riots (a total of 574 riots), the level of sentiment shown by “the Left” was not the same.  Equity was lacking.  I’d like to end by wishing good vibes for the future of this country, that we will somehow find the peace, unity, and civility it deserves.  May we all seek to be more united…in these, the United States.


  1. Kevin Suscavage says

    Thank you for posting my piece, California Political Review. The Jan 6th event seems to be the last hook the Left has “to hang their hat on.” Point of clarification, the 5 main bullet points are:
    -Fake News by Omission
    -The Mission…of Omission
    -Listen to your “Elder”
    -A Call to Arms
    -The Long Arm of the Law

    • Geffery Curtis says

      your post is a bold face lie you ignore facts Trump incited the riots he tried to steal the election that’s the truth for you to ignore that proves how much you are against the country

      • Kevin Suscavage says

        Which of the 5 points of article do you disagree with/why? 🙁 You did read it yes? And with all due respect, may I ask, do you think the country is better off now? (Look, I’m not saying the media got it all wrong…but half wrong, is not satisfactory, in my view.

  2. Richard Cathcart says

    K.S.: Our powerful new rulers have fully perfected their operating dictum: “MAKE THE WORLD SAFE FOR THE RICH and MAKE THE RICH SAFE [Elite-acceptable] FOR THE WORLD”. They have transformed our WOKE public schools into taxpayer-financed social and racial sorting mechanisms where the weak are regulated and relegated almost automatically to the underclass and these prospective new bureaucrats serving only the Elite go to 3rd rate universities–all American institutions are now 3rd rate. Our currently over-paid and over-perked bureaucrats are marginally rich, and with the assistance of the Super-Rich may elevate themselves to America’s Rulership Class.

  3. “It’s stunning to me how the media can change a narrative by not including something as much as by including something.”

    Sadly, they have done this for a very long time. Back in 1978, I live in the San Francisco area working in the electronics industry. One day a reporter for the San Jose Mercury News came by my office and wanted to interview me about the murder of someone that had me listed as a personal reference on his resume. We had worked together for several years but I had not seen nor talked to him for over a year. He had apparently fallen into drugs and in with the Mexican mafia selling stolen semiconductors. He had been arrested but was on a work release program when his body was found. He had been beaten to death with baseball bats.

    I agreed to talk to the reporter and was very insistent that I had not had contact with him for more than a year. When the story hit the front page with me as the main course, no where did the reporter mention that I hadn’t had contact in more than a year. After the article came out, you would think the police would have wanted to talk to me. Nope, never heard from them.

    Learned my lesson, never ever talk to a reporter. They can’t be trusted.

  4. Nelson Justor says

    it’s a shame that everything is for political gain, ratings, or money – on both sides of the aisle. just more reasons i’ve opted not to bring kids into this world.

  5. I agree with Nelson Justor – anyone relying on the media, right or left wing, for fact based reporting is a sheep or just finding people who tell them what they want to hear.

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