The missing billions spent on gasoline in California each year

California drivers already pay more for gasoline than motorists in just about every other state.

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But even after taking into account state gas taxes, blending requirements aimed at reducing air pollution and other environmental and climate fees attached to each gallon of fuel, it appears drivers in the Golden State pay a lot more than they should.

UC Berkeley professor Severin Borenstein calls the price differential “California’s mystery gasoline surcharge” that roughly translates into a premium of 20 to 30 cents on every gallon pumped in the state.

And that’s not chump change when one considers Californians consume 40 million gallons a day. Multiply that over an entire year and Borenstein says that comes to between $3 billion to $4 billion that is unaccounted. …

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  1. Cars Are Basic, has been complaining about the disappearing tax dollars that should have been spent on keeping freeways and streets in good repair.

    The Controlling Party in Sacramento has been using those funds for Social Programing, and anti car policies. Controlling how and when the population travels is paramount to dictatorship.

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  2. Walter E. Strong says

    Keep voting in the Democraps and it’ll to get worse.

    • Walter E. Strong says

      That should’ve been “Keep voting in the Democraps and it’ll continue to get worse.”

  3. TheRandyGuy says

    Another facet of single-party rule: No accountability. We deserve the government we get.

  4. The needs of the liberals (progressives) are insatiable.

  5. susan thompson says

    what’s going to be done about it?

  6. That’s what we all want to know. What is going to be done about it?

  7. Anyone who thinks that this is just a Democrap problem has not been paying attention. Look how many Republicans are stabbing our president in the back daily . There is NO accountability for any criminal act that the American government commits , NONE , whether it’s illegal aliens or crooked tax schemes that are literally taking the food off our tables and the clothes off our backs and in some cases the roof over our heads.
    It’s hard to remember that this country once started a Revolution over a Tax on Tea . When we compare that to the crushing tax burden and the TRUE TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION I guess we should have been at war with the criminal government a long time ago.
    A two party system is just as bad as one when both are rotten to the core.

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