Title 42 Countdown: 700,000 Migrants in Mexico Waiting to Rush U.S. Border

As many as 700,000 migrants, a foreign population larger than Boston, Massachusetts, are currently in Mexico waiting to rush the United States-Mexico border when President Joe Biden ends the public health authority known as Title 42 on May 11.

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In 2020, in the midst of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, former President Donald Trump invoked the public health authority known as Title 42 at the border, ensuring that federal immigration officials have been able to quickly return millions of illegal aliens to Mexico over the last three years.

On May 11, though, Biden will end Title 42 and expand its Catch and Release network to quickly move border crossers and illegal aliens into the U.S. interior — including deploying 1,500 U.S. troops to the border to free up federal immigration officials to process arrivals at a faster pace.

During a Yuma County Board of Supervisors meeting this week, supervisor Jonathan Lines revealed that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials have warned them that as many as 700,000 migrants are waiting in Mexico to rush the border when Title 42 ends.

“Border Patrol shared with us their intelligence that there are approximately 700,000, as of three weeks ago, in the shelters in Mexico waiting to come into the United States,” Lines said. “They also shared with us that at the Darian Gap which is at the Panama Canal, they’ve seen a 500 percent surge in people crossing over that gap on their way up to the United States.”

Rep. Andy Biggs’ (R-AZ) office confirmed to Breitbart News that they too have been told by officials of the looming 700,000 migrants waiting in Mexico.

Such a “mass migration event,” as Lines said DHS officials called it, would see a foreign population arriving at the border that exceeds the resident population of cities like Boston and Nashville, Tennessee.

“Right now, all of the people that are coming across the border, 40 percent of them are expelled under Title 42 in Yuma, Arizona,” Lines said. “So 40 percent of the people coming across are immediately expelled and they’re flown back to their countries of origin. That goes away on May 11; they are no longer processed out.”

Yuma County Sheriff Leon Wilmot noted that his law enforcement officers have their hands tied, unable to apprehend and detain border crossers and illegal aliens, as federal law would have them charged with kidnapping.

“[If we could arrest], I would fill the jail in a day with the amount of individuals that we encounter trespassing,” Wilmot said.

“International labor organizations and the cartels are facilitating this trade,” Lines noted. “They’re making a significant amount of money — 27 million were forced into labor over the last two years [and] 6.3 million [forced] into sexual exploitation.”

Americans in U.S. border towns like Yuma are especially hard hit by illegal immigration.

In February, Dr. Robert Trenschel of the Yuma Regional Medical Center detailed how in just one year, local taxpayers were left with $26 million in unpaid medical bills from border crossers and illegal aliens who showed up to the hospital needed care. That amount is set to increase, Trenschel said, when Title 42 ends.

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  1. Really??? says

    California cannot handle the illegals it has. They vote in increasing numbers making a joke of our elections.

    They demand more welfare.

    Biden, Newsom and the rest are truly stupid or bigoted beyond belief.

    Now why do you continue to vote for them? Do you love crushing taxes that much?

  2. This is insane!!! This nightmare administration does NOT care that they are ripping this country apart!! Do these stupid people who voted in Biden realize it’s their tax dollars also being stolen by this administration to take care of the millions of illegal aliens he’s allowed in here??!!!! HOW long before our country collapses under the strain.. they are draing our resources and our tax dollars by the billions!!! Hospitals are overwhelmed with more and more of these illegal aliens.. our schools are going to be hurting with more and more illegal aliens attending… Our American students are going to suffer… We have NO idea who these people are.. they are not being vetted… now 1500 military people are going to the border, but NOT to stop the invasion.. they will be there doing paperwork to hurry and move more illegal aliens in here faster. Biden and Mayorkas have no intention of stopping illegal aliens from invading.. HOW many of them are murderers, rapists, thieves, pedifiles, etc… HOW long before our country is facing another 9/11 … Biden has destroyed the sovereignty of our country with his open borders so the entire world can just walk in here and allowed to stay…… our citizenship has NO value or meaning anymore since they continue to give these illegal aliens more and more of our rights and benefits as a citizen… They have given the illegal aliens priority over the Citizens… Our tax dollars are beign stolen from us to cater to and harbor the illegal aliens… These illegal aliens are coming here for all the free stuff our gov’t continues to hand out to them… You want to know the root cause of them coming here…. OUR OWN GOV’T IS IN FACT THE ROOT CAUSE OF THEM COMING HERE!!! With all the free handouts to the illegal aliens, they ARE encouraging more to flood into our country… GOD help us all before we totally lose our country… When we collapse, has anyone figured out where they will flee to for asylum from a collapsed country?

  3. Rick Rund says

    Can you spell I N V A S I O N !!!!!

    Thanks brandon, gavin, etc. You are all TRAITORS

  4. Where is ALL OF THIS SCUM GOING BIDEN????Biden is not doing his duties as president and needs to BE IMPEACHED NOW!!!!!!!

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