Travis Allen backs John Cox for CA governor

Nearly two months after he finished a distant fourth in the California gubernatorial primary, Assemblyman Travis Allen endorsed his fellow Republican John Cox for governor.

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It wasn’t exactly a flowery endorsement or even one delivered in person, as Democrat Antonio Villaraigosa did in bestowing his endorsement on primary winner Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom days after the election. Instead, Allen tweeted his endorsement, mentioning his own upcoming “Take Back California” statewide rally tour just as prominently as he did Cox.

“It’s time we put the Primary past us and UNITE to WIN IN NOVEMBER,” Allen, R-Huntington Beach (Orange County), wrote Sunday on Twitter. “Today, I’m officially endorsing Republican nominee JOHN COX and announcing the TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA Tour to Organize CA Conservatives. Join TODAY, and together let’s TAKE BACK CALIFORNIA!!”

Cox accepted the endorsement — via Twitter — saying, “Travis was a great competitor that cares about the millions of Californians forgotten by the Sacramento political class.”

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  1. There r to many brain dead & Undocumented voters in Cali. Hopefully they will b out numbered for the sake of Calif.

  2. The word on the street is that the Democrats are buying up the cemeteries in adjoining states just to make sure they have enough votes.

  3. Travis Allen is a great guy and we are glad to have all the support we can find!
    Cox needs to be out there constantly making waves and getting attention. He needs to step up his game to the speed of TRUMP to make it happen. And all the money he can muster cannot hurt either.
    The time has come to Think Positive and Believe in Possibility.

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