Travis Allen launches statewide effort against Sanctuary State policy

Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, addresses the breakfast meeting of the Los Alamitos Chamber on Friday August 4, 2017. Allen will be running for governor and is leading an initiative drive to put a measure on the ballot repealing the road improvement/gas tax measure recently approved by the Legislature. He is speaking at Griffins Grill in Los Alamitos. (Photo by Karen Tapia, Contributing Photographer)

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State Assemblyman Travis Allen launched  a statewide campaign to encourage other cities to follow Los Alamitos’ decision to uphold Federal Immigration Law and locally fight the illegal Sanctuary State.

“Los Alamitos’ rejection of the Sanctuary State is a major victory for their citizens and the safety of their community,” said Travis Allen. “Our government’s primary purpose is protecting our citizens and I encourage every city in California to also opt out of the illegal Sanctuary State. Under the unconstitutional, dangerous, and illegal Sanctuary State law,  the California Democrat Party has put criminals before citizens and endangered all Californians. Now is the time for every city across California to stand up and reject this unconstitutional law and follow Los Alamitos’ leadership for the safety of their residents.”

Members of the Los Alamitos Council, which Allen represents in the State Assembly, voted Monday to opt out of Jerry Brown’s state law that limits cooperation between local police and federal immigration agents. Travis Allen’s statewide effort follows after Allen called on the US Attorney General to sue California over Jerry Brown’s illegal Sanctuary State in the beginning of the year. Allen then called on the US Department of Justice to arrest and prosecute Xavier Becerra for obstruction of justice when Becerra threatened California business owners with prosecution if they cooperated with Federal immigration authorities. Allen is now calling on Federal authorities to prosecute Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf for aiding and abetting criminals when she recently tipped off over 800 illegal criminals which led to over 600 criminals evading arrest, and further as an accessory to a crime after 3 of those criminals have recently reoffended in California. …

“Kate Steinle’s tragic murder in 2015 was a direct result of San Francisco’s Sanctuary City policy,” continued Allen. “Jerry Brown, Gavin Newsom, and the Bay Area liberal elites that control California’s government have now put every Californian in the same danger by sheltering illegal immigrants who are committing crimes in our communities. It’s about time that our local officials step up and follow Federal immigration law on behalf of their residents.”

Last year, Assemblyman Allen introduced AB 1252 which would have defunded Sanctuary Cities. This year he introduced AB 2948 which would reverse California’s dangerous and illegal Sanctuary State law.

As California’s next Governor, Travis Allen has vowed to call a special election to reverse the Sanctuary State in his first 100 days in office.

Allen is encouraging every Californian to sign the petition to tell their local city council to opt out of the illegal Sanctuary State. A link to the petition can be found here.

This article was released by Travis Allen for Governor.


  1. John Tolmosoff says

    Sanctuary States only belong in Mexico.

  2. CaliExpat says

    Hope this gains traction and his campaign gets positive momentum…

  3. How can I help? Where do I sign?

  4. Get that asshole bald headed brown turd out –he is a traitor and send illegal becerra and leon wimp back to Mexico where they can shine the shoes of the mexican pres–Travis needs to be the next real Gov or Ca is doomed

  5. Where do we sign? Totally agree with Dr. R – Brown should be sent packing – NOW! He is completely responsible for the downgrading of our once incredible state. The people he surrounds himself with are no better – just Mexican transplants.

    If our kids had the ability to move to another state, keeping their current jobs, we’d all be out of here immediately. All sane people should leave this state – then let them wonder where the money went.

  6. Just a reminder:
    If you vote for Travis Allen for Governor to reverse the direction the state is heading, you also need to vote “R” on down-ballot candidates – which means settling on ONE Republican candidate in those various offices in the primary so that they have a decent chance to make a Top Two appearance in November.

  7. The Captive says

    Good to hear Travis Allen is AGAINST sanctuary cities. Yes , they do belong to MEXICO. Why do citizens need to take care of individuals that we know NOTHING ABOUT. Are they honest, hard working, or terrorist and the criminals of nazi islam? This sad STATE OF CA . needs to be turned around and headed in the RIGHT DIRECTION!

  8. Travis Allen for Gov!

  9. I love this guy! He will be our next governor and help bring this state back down to earth and in compliance with law.

    He has my vote.

  10. The Water For Fighting PAC ( endorses Travis Allan for California Governor…it is the time that we “citizens” take California back!

  11. showandtell says

    The lion’s share of the March 26 gubernatorial candidate debate at USC can be seen at the link below if you are interested. Gavin Newsom showed his contempt for voters by not showing up for this debate (apparently he was fundraising in Pasadena):

  12. Antoinette Vanderpool says

    Travis still against sanctuary state AND cities ? Is he for or against building the WALL ?

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