Travis Allen surges to top Republican, #3 overall in Governor’s race!

Travis-Allen-Associated-PressDespite Republican opponent John Cox’s spending over $3 million already in his race for Governor, conservative Assemblyman Travis Allen (R – Huntington Beach) has surged past Cox in a USC statewide poll released today, and is now in the #3 spot over-all in the 2018 race for California Governor, and is the top Republican contender. Allen gained the support of 15% of voters who plan to cast ballots in the primary.  Cox received the support just 11% — and is now in a more distant #5 spot in the race to beat Gavin Newsom.  In the last series of polls, Allen has been consistently gaining percentage support, while Cox has consistently declined, despite spending much more than Allen on consultants and social media advertising for his campaign.  Cox has had trouble convincing Republican volunteer group members to support him in recent weeks, as it was revealed that he did not support the Republican party nominee for President – Donald Trump, in the last election, and instead says he voted for the Libertarian Party nominee, Gary Johnson.

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Here are the poll results:

Gavin Newsom (D): 31%

Antonio Villaraigosa (D): 21%

Travis Allen (R): 15%

John Chiang (D): 12%

John Cox (R): 11%

To read the Los Angeles Times story on the USC poll, click here:



  1. sebra leaves says

    Could his popularity have anything to do with his stance on the gas tax?

  2. I want a decent R in the Gov spot but who is this guy and when did he decide to run??????

    • James V. Lacy says
    • Onetime: Travis Allen is a two or three term elected Republican Assemblyman from Huntington Beach and one of the prime movers for the gas tax repeal. John Cox on the other hand is a wealthy carpetbagger, most recently from Illinois, He has never won a campaign of any significance, more often finish last or near to it.

    • showandtell says

      You want to know who Travis Allen is? To give just one example, here he is on the floor of the Assembly in March 2017. This was music to my ears, and obviously I am not alone:
      “California Assemblyman Travis Allen asks ‘where does it end?'”

    • Christina Forbes says

      Here is a little back ground on the question “Who is Travis Allen?”
      Travis Allen is a lifelong Californian. He attended Long Beach State and earned his degree in economics. For more
      than 20 years he has been a small business owner operating as a certified financial planner. He became politically
      active in 2012 after watching the damage to the savings of his hard-working clients by government over-regulation
      and bad policy. He watched businesses close in CA ad relocate to other states taking jobs with them. His best friend
      and family members also left. He decided to do something about it, and ran for State Assembly. He was elected to
      the 72ND district in Orange County, where he is currently serving his 5th year. He has “seen behind the curtain”, but
      is not a career politician.
      1. He is already working to repeal Brown’s gas tax with a ballot initiative. He began that before ever announcing his
      candidacy for governor. Brown and the Sec.of State Becerra tried to obstruct with a title for the ballot that deleted the
      words “tax” and “fee”. Allen sued them and won. The judge said the title was so misleading he would write it himself.
      Now Brown and Becerra are appealing to further obstruct and delay. Allen is still fighting them in court on our behalf.
      2. His conservative voting record in the state assembly is flawless. He is in his fifth year-enough experience, but not a

  3. Sharon Rowell says

    Travis Allen has my vote!

  4. Gigi Morrison says

    I’m voting for Travis Allen and so should every CA voter who does not like the way Liberal corrupt Demorats have decimated CA and keep raising our taxes constantly! I urge all Republicans, Conservatives and Independents to all get behind Travis Allen and take our state back from the crazy liberals and the illegals flooding into CA- a sanctuary state.

  5. My vote is for Allen! Then we need to fire all the other DamnOCraps who have been SCREWING Californians! The day Brown the destroyer is gone cannot come soon enough!

  6. Jeez do you think at least some portion of Californians have a brain that is smart enough to vote for Travis, reading about his background tells me he is what CA needs, not no more Brown look alikes who love sticking it to the people of this state to push their pet projects like raising gas taxes so money can be funneled into a bullet train to the desert. Travis shouldn’t be at 15% he should be at 100% if you live in this state!!!

  7. California resident and the first two on the list are ADULERY…they both cheated on their spouses and then tried to lie about it!!! Both of these demwits are TRASH, I SAID TRASH!!!! Both want SINGLE PAYER!! Who is going to pay for this?? Not Demwits….vote these scumbags out and elect a man who cares about California and not protecting garbage Illegal mexicans…

  8. Travis Allen supporter here..I just donated 500 to his campaign..You know the unions will back Newsom so they can continue to get those great retirement benefits and medical care for free..Others should donate what they can

  9. Travis Allen has my vote! I will let all friends, neighbors and relatives know to vote for him in primary. The only problem is too much new laws in CA to make for librats easy to cheat and rampant voter frauds here. Anyone could vote here included illegals, criminals and dead folks so it’s not easy to have fair and clean elections special in blue states and all democrat districts all over nation wide,
    Two most corrupt commie worst librats are Newsom & Vilaraigosa they are commie moonbeam Brown 4th term, also Chiang and RINO Cox are commie librats too.

  10. If you people in Ca want to get rid of corruption –you need to get rid of baldy now and that idiot newsome is just as corrupt and illegal villainagoosa should be run back to mexico–Allen is the only one who is worthy to be a GOV

  11. Brenda Torres says

    Newsom will be like Gov Brown only on Steroids, and Villaraigosa will turn California into Mexico!!! Travis Allen has my vote and across the board I will vote Republican…Democrats will change California into a State just like the Socialist Third World Countries are now with the Single Payer HealthCare, Free College, all at the Taxpayer’s Expense because they will ‘Exempt Themselves’ just like they did with the ObamaCare!

  12. 15% + 11% = 26%. The two need to work as a team. One runs for Governor and the other runs for another office – LT Gov, Sec State, or Treasurer. Then both have a good chance of getting past the top-two in June. Otherwise – both will be sitting on the sidelines in Nov.

  13. When the CAGOP realizes that the top R vote getter in the polls should be the only one running, only then will the republicans have a chance at getting a place in the general.

  14. Arnel Siojo says

    What is his current stance on President Trump?

  15. Arnel Siojo says

    What has Allen accomplished as an assembly man. What is his stance on immigration, DACA, the Wall? Benefits of illegals? Sanctuary cities or the State?

  16. Philip BUTTELING says

    I want some that want to work with you President Trump.That care for the American citizens and there safety. I don’t trust a Democratic politicians anymore. Most Democrats politicians are Anti-American.

  17. Rhonda G Reindl says

    John Cox talks exactly like that too. So I still haven’t decided between the two of them. I will probably just vote for the one ahead in the polls. In fact I hope the one behind in the polls will just drop out to insure a Republican will actually be in the final race for governor.

  18. Travis Allen for me!!! EXPOSE the WORMS!!! Don’t fall for the lies of the D polls!

  19. – – – Travis Allen is now in 2nd Place behind Newsom !!!- – –

    Make Your Vote Count! Vote “TAG” … Travis Allen Governor


    – – – Travis Allen is now in 2nd Place behind Newsom !!!- – –

    Make Your Vote Count! Vote “TAG” … Travis Allen Governor

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