Treasurer John Chiang to Run for Governor in 2018

As reported by the Associated Press:

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SACRAMENTO — California Treasurer John Chiang announced Tuesday that he will begin raising money to run for governor in 2018, marking an early start to his bid to become the state’s first Asian chief executive.

Chiang, a Democrat, emphasized his experience managing the state’s cash and pledged to “build the best California” that fulfills the aspirations of voters.

“I put greater accountability and transparency into the state’s finances. … Frankly that’s how you protect education, that’s how you protect health care, that’s how you protect other essential services,” Chiang told The Associated Press. “You can’t blindside people at the very end.”

Chiang’s announcement was not a surprise; he’s been saying for …

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  1. “Chiang, a Democrat, emphasized his experience managing the state’s cash”, , , ,

    This A/H is actually proud of his involvement in helping his democrat cohorts in crime to ruin this state.

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