Trump receives mixed welcome in visit to California-Mexico border

A mix of protesters and supporters greeted President Donald Trump on Tuesday during his first visit to the California-Mexico border since taking office.

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There he inspected prototypes for his promised “big, beautiful border wall.”

Hundreds of people, on both sides of the border participated in rallies – cheering, booing and waving Mexican and American flags as rows of police acted as barriers while Trump’s motorcade sped down the road.

U.S. Army veteran and Trump voter Mark Prieto, 48, shook his head as he walked past protesters.

“People are so narrow-minded,” the firefighter told AP. “Finally we have someone who is putting America first.”

Despite the Trump administration’s near-constant battles with California state officials, and the recent Department of Justice lawsuit against the state over its immigration policies, the president’s visit was, for the most part, peaceful. …

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  1. Most part peaceful? That is not the way it was put on the news when they chose to report the visit.

    Still think reporters are honest?

  2. I hope that America remembers that MEXICO HAS A SOUTHERN BORDER WALL OF THEIR OWN . What do you think the Mexican police would do to those who protested their wall and threatened their president when they did not get what they wanted , a land without law. Nothing but paid socialists down there.
    Just why exactly are we supposed to accept criminal immigration that is braking our economy ????

  3. Protesters to building a wall against invaders? What other country in the world would allow such insanity?

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