Trump threatens to permanently close border if needed

donald-trump-2President Donald Trump is seizing on an attempt by 500 migrants to rush the southern border to use immigration as an issue to bolster his presidency at a critical political moment.

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Trump spent weeks ahead of the midterm elections warning that the United States was about to experience an invasion from a migrant caravan trekking north across Mexico, and sent troops to the border in what critics branded a political stunt.

He seized on unrest at the frontier on Sunday to hike pressure on Mexico and to squeeze his political opponents in Washington as he demands financing for his border wall in a looming government funding showdown.

“Mexico should move the flag waving Migrants, many of whom are stone cold criminals, back to their countries,” Trump tweeted early Monday morning. …

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  1. Agreed completely…
    Thank God he’s got the brass to stand up to the globalists that want to overrun the USA with third world culture….

  2. Clearly another attempt by main stream media to make PRESIDENT Trump , not Trump, look as if he is doing something wrong by stopping this invasion and it is an invasion. They come to the boarder throwing rocks and bottles at the border patrol then try to rush the border . This is not the act of law abiding people that are fleeing a dangerous home country that they are not safe in. In fact to assault a police officer is a FELONY is it not ? Again this is not the act of humble people just looking for a better life and in fact are criminal in nature due to living in a third world environment.
    I just watched a clip on the Red Elephant site that shows that the vast MAJORITY of these so called refugees are males not families that want to come here for work. That is NOT a refugee it is a mygrunt that we already have more than the US can let in without collapsing the country.

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