Water-wasting fines of $10,000 proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown

As reported by the San Jose Mercury News:

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Waste California’s water, risk a $10,000 fine.

Residents and businesses could soon face that threat after Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday unveiled legislation that would increase potential penalties on the most flagrant water scofflaws and allow cities, counties and water districts to issue fines without having to go to court.

“As this drought stretches on, we’ll continue to do whatever is necessary to help communities save more water,” Brown said after meeting with California mayors, including San Jose’s Sam Liccardo and Oakland’s Libby Schaaf.

But whether the proposal — which would boost maximum fines 20-fold from the current $500 — will ever take effect was unclear Tuesday.

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  1. NorCal Libertarian says

    Will this include the State of California or Moonbeam himself for wasting water to benefit fish bait and salmon that are going to be some seals’ meal anyway?

  2. Leave it to liberals to profit from another crisis they created at the expense of us very few tax payers.

  3. Doingmypart says

    Here’s the $64k question no one seems to be asking… Where is the money raised from the fines going? Why aren’t they pushing more rebates for people to swap out toilets and shower heads?

  4. Mr. Brown, you are going to drive everyone (at least those who pay for services) out of California with your idiotic policies. Doesn’t it embarrass you at all to know that California is the laughing stock of America. It represents all that is stupid and ridiculous. As a long time resident of this once proud and admired state I am sickened at the way the liberal policies have ruined it. When I first moved to California in 1955 it was the model of states to live in. Now it is an utter embarrassment.

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