What Legislators in Sacramento Want to Ban

From The Sacramento Bee:

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Extinguish your filtered cigarettes, ditch the plastic bags to carry your groceries, toss your micro-beaded facial scrub and cancel those plans to catch an orca show at SeaWorld.

Each of those things would be prohibited under a package of bills circulating in Sacramento. Seeking to address such issues as pollution, animal cruelty and tobacco use, lawmakers have advanced measures to ban or limit the availability of various consumer products and activities.

The items facing potential prohibition join a growing list of products legislators have banned in recent years, like lead ammunition, foie gras, eggs from tightly caged chickens and edible shark fins. Those bills drew protests from specific groups saying they were being unfairly penalized – hunters decrying the loss of lead bullets, Chinese Americans who eat shark fin soup mourning the loss of a cherished tradition.

Taken together, critics say, sweeping statewide bans are prime examples of unmerited government interference.

Photo courtesy of Wendy McCormac, Flickr

Photo courtesy of Wendy McCormac, Flickr


  1. This only re-affirms limiting the amount of time that politicians spend
    in Sacramento.
    They obviously have way too much idle time on the hands.

  2. Why don’t all politician’s go home? Shut off your phones and internet. Just sit back and rest on your piles of cash you got from payoffs for votes and just rest. You’ve been doing as much damage as possible and we know you are tired. So, Just take a vacation ,say for the next 20 to 30 years. We the People will take it from hereon.

  3. JLSeagull says

    I can see it now. People in states across the country pointing their fingers at CA and saying “Nanny, Nanny, Nanny…”

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