Why Gov. Newsom Wants to Pay for the Health Care of Illegal Immigrants

Gavin NewsomCalifornia’s new governor, Gavin Newsom, wants it understood that he’s not declaring war on Big Pharma, all appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.

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Yes, he wants to give Medi-Cal more power to negotiate drug prices and, yes, he wants to make those prices significantly lower.

But Newsom was surprisingly candid when we spoke Wednesday about his healthcare agenda.

He told me he gained a whole new appreciation for the value that drug companies can bring to people’s lives while seeing his father grapple with dementia for months. William Newsom, a retired state appellate court justice, died last week at age 84.

“I don’t see Pharma as the enemy,” Newsom said. “I’m not saying anyone’s evil.”

He paused, shifting gears back into politician mode. …

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  1. Lazarus is a liberal hack for the LA Times. He is one of the reasons I quit. I went back and read his article. One of the things pretty Boy Newsom is considering is bringing back the mandate that everyone has to pay for insurance whether you want it or not. Need I say more?

  2. #RecallNewsom
    He’s only getting started….
    Low information & union voters put him in, either not realizing or caring that San Franfreakshow ‘s downturn began on his watch as Mayor…
    Just wait til the bill comes due for all his political giveaways….
    Wake up, people….

  3. Too bad there is no such thing as an HONEST VOTE any more here in California. I don’t think that Newsom was elected by the will of the people but by rigged election methods just like Brown the Clown was.
    If we had an honest vote we could recall this new world order stooge and his communist agenda. I’m sure that if we tried , all the signatures collected for recall would simply DISAPPEAR just like the hundreds of thousands of signatures collected to recall Brown.

  4. California will only get cleaned up by outside forces, i.e. Federal government measures as set forth by President Trump.

    Maybe we need to get a California People’s Committee together to go to Washington to speak on behalf of what this state is facing to petition for pressure/changes to be put on the evil powers that be. Certainly, with all the embarrassing Democrat representatives that this state is bringing to the national scene, our case is compelling. The plight of California is surely a national conversation today. President Trump is surely highly aware of the state of this state.

  5. I totally agree with Damacoles, Newsom wasn’t elected by the people legally, Sacramento is filled with scum and I’ve physically watched this once great state on the verge of becoming a third world. Look around, all you see is graffiti, trash, homeless people filling the street with feces and gangs. Pathetic how these supposedly elected officials have driven this state to being on the verge of a point of no return.

  6. This Guy will screw anybody, ask his staff in San Francisco.

  7. Mr. Pickle says

    Why in Gods name did anybody vote for this person? Are Californians just plain stupid? Little by little the SOCIALISTS are taking over…………………… Like lemmings on the cliff edge………… Askeptic nailed it……… Dems are very good at spending other peoples money – and then it was gone. Just ask the state of Illinois eh.

  8. I saw a picture of hisherrness the other day that was titled hisherrness , twenty minutes after an enema. The frame was blank.

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