Will Gavin Newsom be tougher on guns than Jerry Brown?

Gun Open CarryCalifornia Democrats on Monday outlined a plan to enact new forms of gun control, and they’re hoping Gov. Gavin Newsom will sign firearm restrictions that his predecessor vetoed last year.

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Standing alongside former Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, who was shot in the head at a 2011 Tuscon event, Democrats in the Legislature called for more gun restrictions.

So far, they’re proposing Assembly Bill 165, which would provide training to police officers on the use of gun violence restraining orders, and Senate Bill 61, which would limit firearm purchases to one gun per month.

“Stopping gun violence takes courage, the courage to do what’s right, the courage to new ideas,” Giffords said at the news conference. “I’ve seen great courage when lives are on the line. Now is the time to come together, be responsible. Democrats, Republicans, everyone, we must never stop fighting. Fight, fight, fight. Be bold. Be courageous. The nation is counting on you.” …

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  1. “No matter how much tragedy we experience, President Trump and his allies in Congress are unwilling to take any action to stop mass shootings or gun violence,”
    This has to be the quote of the year………Of course President Trump was
    responsible for the assassination of Lincoln and Kennedy. The liberal cabal should be ashamed to use Gabby Giffords as a sock-puppet to
    attack gun owners or those affiliated with organizations of a Constitutional right. The Democrats, who run the House of Representatives, with all their blather, have yet to introduce a bill to eliminate firearms for fear of
    loss at the ballot box; They leave it to the States to continue harassment
    of law abiding citizens.

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