Will new gun restraining order help deter suicides?

From the San Jose Mercury News:

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SACRAMENTO — California’s first-in-the-nation gun restraining order legislation was born out of a college-town rampage that left six people dead at the hands of a killer whose family felt helpless to stop him.

Advocates say its greatest use actually might come not in preventing headline-grabbing murderous sprees, but in helping families deal with loved ones who are in danger of taking their own lives or who might be so angry or distraught that they could turn a gun on family members.

Victims of domestic violence in California already can file for restraining orders that can include the removal of firearms.

Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a law that will make California the first state that lets family members ask a judge to temporarily remove firearms from a relative who appears to pose a threat. It will also let law enforcement authorities go directly to a judge to seize guns from people they deem to be a danger, as they already can in Connecticut, Indiana and Texas.

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  1. Another useless gesture.
    Japan has severe gun-control laws, and a miniscule death toll from firearms, yet it’s suicide rate is equal to ours.
    Those intent on taking their own lives will always find a way….
    maybe Jerry’s Choo-Choo will encourage ‘train kissing’ in the manner the Japanese use the Shinkansen.
    The incident in Santa Barbara occurred not because there were no legal remedies available to the family of that nut, but because the family was unable to – so to speak – pull-the-trigger on the remedies that were available to them; and this measure will not change that.

  2. And just where are the knive contol laws or the automobile control laws or the posion control laws, or the tall bridge control laws…. It’s always about some loon using a firearm.

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