Woke Assemblyman Berman Savaged for Ludicrous Climate Change Tweet

Read the room Marc

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Woke lawmakers in California’s Legislature are insufferable. The virtue signaling, the platitudes, the triteness, may make them appear as if they are doing something useful. But they are not. And posting their virtue on X/Twitter makes them look even more self-serving – and a little desperate for affirming attention.

Assemblyman Marc Berman (D-Menlo Park), is a case-in-point. He posted this Tweet on X:

“What a great tour from the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District showcasing promising nature-based solutions being used on the Coast to adapt to and mitigate climate change impacts, including flooding, wildfires & water security.” @SenJoshBecker @Ray_Mueller_

He managed to cram several chestnuts into that Tweet:

  • nature-based solutions  
  • adapt to and mitigate climate change impacts
  • including flooding, wildfires & water security

Water security? California sits on the Pacific Ocean and has hundreds of lakes, rivers, creeks and waterways.

Here is a map of California’s rivers and lakes:

California’s rivers and lakes. (Photo: geology.com)

Berman was savaged – appropriately. Because he’s part of the problem working harder to restrict water use, than managing it.

Former Ambassador Ric Grenell replied:

“Hey Marc. Your party controls all of Sacramento… so why don’t we clear fallen timber? Why not support a timber industry? Why is your team not capturing the rain? Why are we always in a drought? And why are you telling us to conserve more water when we live on the ocean? And why don’t we have enough electricity and instead are told to unplug appliances?! Stop the radical knee-jerk events about climate change. Build something.”

Also addressing water use, this reply hit home:

“Too bad the water storage we voted on years ago has never built more storage. Upgrading existing is obviously not working but certainly spending the bond money voters approved.”

Another asked, “Why do you let so much water runoff into the ocean? Seems like a waste.”

This dad replied:

“Here are some ways to solve the problem. My sixth grader made the short list. 1. Increase logging to keep forests maintained. 2. Build more water storage reservoirs. 3. Increase clean natural gas production to warm homes and power generators. 4. Close the border.”

Another retweeted Grenell’s reply after telling Berman to “cut the climate crap – we’re not buying it:”

A few others expressed their frustration with the lawmaker:

“You people are so incompetent at running California – in the private sector you’d be permanently sitting on the bench.”

“so why don’t we clear fallen timber? Why not support a timber industry? Why is your team not capturing the rain? Why are we always in a drought?”

“Another commie pushing climate hoax”

“Water security? Really CA has reduced water captivity and done nothing to increase its capacity.”

“Start by showing us you’re doing something to help the problems! Earn your salary!”

“Climate change impacts? You forgot your pronouns.”

The comments devolved quickly:

“what a complete f**king moron… clueless idoits not a single one of that entire group would know how to properly mitigate wildfires… water security? f**king morons”

“What a moron you are….We live around oceans. Climate change is a Democrat hoax and finally everyone sees it…”

“Dipshit says what?”

As California Rep. Tom McClintock said in a House floor speech in 2021 titled, Producing Want from Plenty, “Fortunately, nature has given us a superabundance of resources and left it to us to responsibly reap and manage this bounty. But it is precisely these resources that the left has waged war against for a full generation. The very things that make us prosperous and comfortable are the things the left attempts to put off limits. Is it any wonder that the more they extend their domain, the worse the human conditions that they produce?”

Click here to read the full article in California Globe


  1. And the worsening of the human condition is a direct result of leftist policies across the board on all pending issues of concern. “Climate change” is a virtue-signaling mantra of the left without meaning, since the climate changes with every season and year–that IS nature. We are in a post-ice age 10,000 year warming period, so of course there is going to be warming some years, cooling years being fewer. Why is this never mentioned by climate scientists? Because they have their computer graphs showing the steep, steep climb of temperatures just in the most recent years. But that data is only as good as the sources, and when the sources all want us to believe there is a climate disaster approaching, they will have statistics to fit. There is some historical basis for a sudden warming of the earth followed by a steep dive into a new ice age. Earth has had periods of much more warming than we have now, and there just is zero reason to believe that it will continue warming until all of our ecosystems collapse.

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