Corruption at the Capitol? Gov. Newsom Exempts Billionaire Buddy from Fast Food $20 Minimum Wage Law

Give a donation, Get an exemption: This is what corruption in plain sight looks like

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Photo by Anne Wernikoff for CalMatters

California Governor Gavin Newsom exempted a billionaire buddy from California’s new $20 minimum wage law. Billionaire Greg Flynn owns more than two dozen Panera Bread locations in California, as well as Applebee’s, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Wendy’s.

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How did the billionaire boys club governor do this? He had it written right into AB 1228 by Assemblyman Chris Holden (D-Los Angeles):

Fast food restaurant” shall not include an establishment that on September 15, 2023, operates a bakery that produces for sale on the establishment’s premises bread, as defined under Part 136 of Subchapter B of Chapter I of Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations, so long as it continues to operate such a bakery. This exemption applies only where the establishment produces for sale bread as a stand-alone menu item, and does not apply if the bread is available for sale solely as part of another menu item. (emphasis the Globe)

Here is the actual section AB 1228:

Bloomberg Law reported Wednesday:

Billionaire Greg Flynn, who made his fortune running one of the world’s largest restaurant franchise operations, is getting a new boost from sourdough loaves and brioche buns.

That’s because a California law that’s about to raise the state minimum wage at fast-food spots to $20 an hour from $16 offers an unusual exemption for chains that bake bread and sell it as a standalone item.

Governor Gavin Newsom pushed for that break, according to people familiar with the matter. Among the main beneficiaries is Flynn, a longtime Newsom donor whose California holdings include two dozen Panera Bread locations.

Give a donation, get an exemption? This is what corruption in plain sight looks like.

Bloomberg News reported that Flynn attended the same high school as Newsom, and has been involved in various business dealings with Gov. Newsom.

Flynn has also contributed at least $164,800 to Newsom’s political campaigns, the New York Post reported.

Click here to read the full article in the California Globe


  1. JimNorCal says

    I saw this online yesterday and the guy pointed to an article from, like Sept 2023.
    How did this fly under the radar so long?

  2. Workaround: Every fast food place should have “read to bake” rolls for sale as a separate menu item. Even if they don’t sell well, the savings in wages will more than make up for it. Fast food businesses offered fast, cheap food and opportunities for college students to work their way through school. They were never meant to be career paths. While there are certainly college students who take higher education seriously, many are just extending their adolescence, letting the government and daddy foot the bill while they act out their subsidized “freedom” and get indoctrinated in overpriced institutions. Viva community college! We can do better than letting Newsom destroy California even further, all the while enriching himself and his cronies.

  3. Every fast food joint should buy a toaster oven and start selling bread for $100 with a 45 minute wait for it to cook. They’ll get no orders but they’ll satisfy the exemption.

  4. Donald J. says

    Well here again this lies at the foot of the California voter. They by their votes allowed this lawless bunch of tax and spenders to take over their State.

    • Too many voters have given up but don’t discount the voting process itself. We need to keep up the pressure and get out the vote. Tired of people blaming California voters. Many are working hard to save California.

  5. All the fast food restaurants, Mom and Pops restaurants should start selling bakery items on their menu. This would resolve the $20 minimum wage to fast food chains. Just saying.

  6. As others here have posited, Subway could put out its loaves for sale.

    What’s to stop MiceyD’s from developing a “Clown Loaf” and sell that? Wendy’s a Wendy Loaf, or Taco Bell a Mexican-Style Pane Rustico?

    Any Itlaian place could easily offer a Ciabatta for sale.

    There are any number of types of Asian breads which could be offered.

    The door is open wide. Just need someone to put it into practice.

  7. Surprised???

    History shows corruption in politics for 100+ years. It’s just worse since CREED has been overtaken by GREED!

    Hope for God’s blessing this will end sooner than later!!

  8. I really like Panera, and have never considered it a “fast food” place because of the variety of its menu and the availability of various bakery items for sale. Its food items include many salads and healthy lunches. It would fall in with the chain restaurants like Applebees, Denny’s, etc. To me, “fast food” are the ones with the drive-in windows, McDs, BK, Jack in the Box, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, KFC–the thousand-calorie meal places. So despite the fact that Newsom is more than capable of protecting his good buddy with an exemption, Panera probably should never have been classified with McDs.

  9. Really??? says

    Is anyone surprised?

    Once again the Biden Criminal Acts are passed down to Democrats in Sacramento.

    Slick is so blatant because he knows the average Dem. doesn’t care about criminals in government.


  11. Newsom is a Globalist promoting Neo-Fascism and Neo-Feudalism. In 2008, in Davos, Newsom was made a “Young Global Leader” by Dr. Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum. Biden is the first Great Reset President, and Newsom is slated to be the next one.

  12. Son of Billy Jack says


    Markets never fail. It is government manipulation of markets that disallows the poor and middle class from obtaining prosperity.

    Unfortunately, when Government sets a minimum wage- it ends up becoming the MAXIMUM WAGE.

    There becomes no need for an employer to be concerned about employe retention. When any employee asks to be paid more than minimum wage, the employer is mandated by economic law to laugh and say no, which is the same as pointing them to the door.

    If you work harder than your co-workers – you are simply an idiot. Everyone slows down to match the lowest level of performance required to postpone being fired. If and when you do get fired, just roll down the road a mile or two in your chitty chitty bang bang and start the next day at a similar gig. The benefit to getting fired is you are exposed to new sources of drugs, party friends and dating targets.

    Sign on with your new employer and then watch the others around you to learn the shuffle there and wait for Friday.

    Son of Billy Jack says SOCIALISM SUCKS. Now add 20 Million new untrained mostly non-english speakers from 87 different cultures to the work force and see what happens.

    Politically induced decrepitude is real-The results are real.

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