San Clemente Attack: 2 Marines Beaten by Group of Teens

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – Two Marines were beaten by a group of teenagers and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Monday was searching for the attackers.

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The melee began about 9:15 p.m. Friday near the pier located at the end of Avenida del Mar, and OCSD deputies responded to the site, according to sheriff’s spokesman Mike Woodroof.

The pair of Marines were treated at the scene for minor injuries to their hands, knees, abdomens and heads, but they refused to go to a hospital, Woodroof said.

It’s unclear how many people attacked the two men, but Woodroof said the number was likely somewhere between 10 and 30.

A minute-long video which has circulated online captured the brawl. In the video the Marines are seen on the ground trying to shield themselves from the attack.

The brawl appears to come to an end after two individuals, a man and a woman, step in, telling the group to stop, the station reported.

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  1. There were 30-40 juveniles that attacked 3 marines…the video is disgusting and sickening to watch., One marine is down on the ground while the group are kicking his head. The local police only arrested 9 youth so far. These spoiled brats were setting off fireworks on the beach and jumping on the roof of a beach food shack. One of the fireworks hit one of the marines in the cheek and he asked them to stop setting them off. These punk thugs didn’t like someone telling them what to do and started attacking the marines. San Clemente used to be a quaint beautiful beach town. I know I owned properties there. The mayor is a poor leader not saying much or taking any action. There are groups who always support the marines but I’ve heard nothing from them. San Clemente has a lot to do to overcome this national blemish!!

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