Fairness For All

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  1. see it works just fine lies lies lies and California has to be the stupidest state i live here what a lie we got over stupidcare i checked it out i will pay 385 dollars per month with no subsidy and 5000 deductible
    now please tell me
    now that the feds raised taxes ie less bring home pay
    gov brown raised taxes ie less bring home
    after less money now to make house payment car elect payment car&house insurance phone&cell oh lets not forget gas for work oh ya life ins now i still have not mentioned food how is this affordable health care obama gets 400.000+ a year for what senators get 120.00+a year for what free medical 70%paid for by us oh yes top of the line we cant get it and one just appointed to a position in california gets 10.000 a month for housing no ponder this
    why are they not payed a wage like the rest of us
    why do the get paid perdium to show up to work i don’t
    why do they get lavish vacation i don’t
    why don’t they punch a time clock we do
    they asked for this job but dont even try to earn it
    so why are we the people letting them get away with this
    and finally we have people that are listening to the people and we let them take the heat for us stand up and don’t let it happen anymore
    be proud we are finally being heard if the rest of the country if following california’s lead on anything as we have no one hear in office that has a clue this country is as doomed as 3 more years of obama

  2. Read the Constitution and what it says about ‘fairness’. The Constitution does not address fairness unless you wish to call ‘Freedom’ fairness….. We are all Citizens, we are born ‘Free’ because that is Nature and our Constitution is based on Nature’s God through our Declaration of Independence. We, all of us, have the right to defend ourselves with what ever we can use for that purpose…. there is no limitation, whatsoever. WE are endowed with all of the same rights that every dog, bear, deer and antelope has. For we are born free by nature.
    Government is instituted among men to protect the property of those men from those who would plunder him. This is the only purpose of government, to protect the private property of all people….. Fairness is not voiced except as all people will receive the same treatment by the government. All of our individual property will be protected from plunder…. And that is the end of fairness. From this point on what ever any person can accumulate by his own efforts it is his to do with as he decides, he owns everything that he acquires and he makes the decision as to how to dispose of it. It is his property…..
    Now we have politicians who want to decide who to steal from and who to give the stolen item to…. This is not a fairness doctrine, this is a doctrine of REDISTRIBUTION OF ONE MANS EFFORTS, TO THOSE WHO WILL NOT MAKE AN EFFORT.
    This is no different than a thief who robs you at gunpoint and then gives your property to someone else. This in no different than a Mafia Gang who comes around on Friday and collects part of your income as protection money…. For if we do not contribute part of our earnings to this thug government, they will beat us or put us in jail or steal our business or do whatever it takes to make us toe the line, even if that means they must murder us…..
    We now have ObamaCare coming at us like a freight train….. What is ObamaCare? Do you know? No, you do not for even yet today, four years after it was put on the book through bribery and other crooked means of politics, we still are trying to figure out how this con job is ever going to work.
    Think about this — Who is going to spend six to eight years of their life to become a medical doctor if some bureaucrat is allowed to hold you under his thumb as his private slave in the medical field, or who is going to go into scientific research if at the end some bureaucrat will determine what you are going to do and what you will gain with your education….. Think people, Obama is a complete fool and has exactly zero contact with the real world and how it actually works…. The man is completely stupid when it comes to anything to do with the natural world…… He is another bureaucrat, look at his background, what has he ever done in the real world? Zero, he has always been funded by some pile of money earned by someone else…….
    Wake up people, you are driving this Nation into bankruptcy and we are very close to the cliff….. Once it happens it will be hell to pay!!
    California is at the tipping point, can the recent embrace of a Hydrocarbon driven economy once again save this State? We will see.

  3. Fairness for ALL is requiring, that ALL members of congress be required to enroll in Obama Care with no tax payer subsidys, that ALL government workers be required to enroll in Obama Care with no subsidy, That ALL union workers be required to enroll in Obama Care no subsidy, until that time don’t even talk to me about fairness and equality. Fairness is that tax payers don’t subsidize anyone or anything, especially when the government mandated this process, with a middle on the night vote without even reading the bill, or any way to pay for it. Obama care has taken 100’s of thousands of full time jobs, and turned them into part time jobs. Now tell me again about Fairness for ALL.

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